Thursday, March 22, 2012

Day 24: Lap at Liberty Park...pulling a Tag-a-long

I consciously made a decision to not ride my bike Tuesday night. I had to edit until 2am. Then I came home feeling terrible and went to bed last night.

But my persistent daughter had me up nice and early so we could go biking at Liberty Park this morning. We got 3 laps in which is 3.75 miles. We put her Tag-a-long on the back of my bike and so that's pulling an extra 75 pounds! That should count for something. I could feel a good burn in my legs this morning, something I don't feel that often on my stationary bike.

I've included a fun little clip for you from a few weeks back.


Distance: 3.75
Time: 30 minutes

Distance: 12:41
Time: 53:13

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