Monday, March 19, 2012

Day 21: Back in the saddle

This week I'm going to do 2, 30-min workouts/rides everyday and see how that goes with my energy level. Let me know what sort of a workout you're doing.

Distance: 15:37
Time: 65:37


  1. Don't get discouraged Don! You're at one of the toughest stages now. The initial excitement has passed and it's easy to fixate on what feels like little progress. Now is when you really need to believe! It wll not all happen in a day. It's not only o.k. but necessary to give yourself a rest day a week. Just never forget there a lot of people out here with you. If you want a little inspirational nugget, here it is. I started training for a triathlon on January 1st. The swim (about 1/2 mile) scared me so the first thing I did was get in the Y's pool. I swam 50 yards and had to stop. I was despindent. This weekend I got in that same pool...and swam 3 miles for two solid hours...without stopping. You can do it and you will!

  2. Thanks Mark. I appreciate your encouragement. I know it's not all about weight. I'm excited that I am on the path...that's what counts.


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