Monday, March 12, 2012

Day 13: The ascent to Fuji

The other day I took a drive up Emigration Canyon taking the route that heads to Little Dell Resevoir. The route isn't too bad (yeah right) until you get into the hills that lead to the summit. Remember, I'm driving, not biking. Then there are big steep hills that lead to the summit. The distance from about 1300 East in Salt Lake City, up to Little Dell Reservoir is about 7 miles. The distance from the base of Mount Fuji half way up the mountain (as far as you can bike) is almost 15 miles. So, if I do the Emigration Canyon route twice, that's the ascent up Mount Fuji. Easy! (cough cough)

My bike is being brought back to life up at a bike shop right now, and I should have it back by Wednesday to begin riding outdoors. Though the miles are coming along indoor on my recumbent bike, I'm getting tired of the scenery.

I've provided a picture of what I see every morning.

Notice duct tape holding on parts of the control panel. I bought this exercise bike off a few years ago for $90. It is falling apart, but duct tape will keep anything together!

Distance 15:20
Time: 63:47

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