Friday, August 3, 2012

Day 157: Another Attempt at "The Monster"

(See Day 86 for background of story)

Yesterday I decided to go up "The Monster", a nickname I've given the hill that starts at 8th South and 7th East. One portion of the hill actually is a 20% grade. A few blocks before it, the road is 3-5%. Then the road after it is a couple of miles of 2-3% grade. The Monster though is killer.

At the base of the hill, I had to turn down a road and catch my breath before turning around and going up. Back in May I could only go about 15 pedals up the steepest part. This time I made it half way up. I had to stop and catch my breath for a few minutes, then I biked up the rest of the hill, up to 13th East. I then went another block or so and pulled over to rest and give a little video report.

I consider this a small victory!



  1. Keep it up Don! You're doing awesome! You are an inspiration to us all! Really!

  2. That's awesome! I've been in a health challenge of my own. I'm treadmill-ing it! Keep up the great work Donnie! EWF tonight!

  3. Hey Don!! Congratulations for the victory (which I don't think is small by the way). Keep it up!


  4. Good Work! Time to hit the Avenues. Keep it up!

  5. Oh the monster, indeed! Way to go! I remember the day I finally biked all the way up that dang hill. There was this big tractor riding up the hill. He was HUGE (tires as tall as me) and so slow, and as he crept up behind me, he kind of revved his engine. I felt a little ridiculous racing a giant tractor, but I was determined to beat that beast. I think it kept me on my bike. I remember the driver chuckling.

    I've also been passed by a runner (I was on my bike) going up Millcreek Canyon. Proud moments!


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