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Day 175: Motivation Tuesday: SwimBikeMom


Today I’d like to feature an interview with “SwimBikeMom”, a tri-athlete who is making some big things happen in her life. She’s not only a mother and wife, but also an attorney, busy swimmer, biker and runner. Meredith, “SwimBikeMom’s” real name, has some impressive rules that she operates by. Training hard on a bike is one thing, but to be a tri-athlete and also have to give the same attention to swimming and running, requires a strict training schedule.

How does she do it? How did she get started? Was she like you and me at one point? Read her interview and be inspired!

"Swim Bike Mom"

Tell us a little about yourself
 I'm a wife, mother of two kids, attorney, small business owner and writer.  Oh, and I guess I'm a triathlete now too!  I always forget to add that one to my list.   Almost two years ago, I was fat, miserable and angry... I found triathlon.  Now, I'm just kind of chunky.  It's been a lifesaver.

When did you start riding a bike?
I started riding a bike when I was about 7.  But I hit all the trashcans in the neighborhood, so I stopped.  I didn't really get on another bike until I was 30 years old.

What motivated you to start riding?
I attended Spinning class in 2009, which started my triathlon journey.  Shortly after that, I began to ride a real bike, and I proceeded to crash constantly because I am seriously a ridiculous klutz of a person. I was worse riding a bike at age 30 than I was at 7. 

How do you find time to workout?
You. Make. Time. Period. I can't tolerate the statement, "I would be a triathlete, but I don't have time." I have two kids. I work full-time. I have a husband, bills, and stress like anyone else. I make it happen - it's a choice. Sometimes it's 4:30am that I'm making my swim happen. Sometimes it's 10:00pm, but I never give up because of time.

What made you interested in triathlons?
My coach, Gerry Halphen of Thrive Performance, was an incredible influence on me.  I started out as a fat member of his indoor cycling class.  Then he told me, "You can do a triathlon."  I said, "Wait, now?" And he was dead serious. His words began to fester a little.  So I made the decision to go for it.

How do you motivate yourself when you don’t want to workout?
I put on my shoes or swim cap and I go.  NO MATTER WHAT. I show up. I very (very) rarely skip a workout.  Now... the workout may not go as planned. It may take place at a really odd time of day, but I make a point never to miss just because of lack of motivation.  I may be tired or grumpy and I may shorten the workout, or slow it down if I am sick- but I never fail to show up (barring family emergency, illness, etc. of course.)

What is a typical day of working out look like for you?
Because I am training for long distance triathlons, I train anywhere from 8-16 hours a week.  I may do a swim followed by a run, or a spin class and core workout.  On the weekends, I get in the long 50-65 mile bike rides.  It's tough. I go to bed early and wake up early to make it all work.

What is your philosophy about eating?
If it doesn't eat me... then I eat it. Ha. I am striving to eat whole foods and stay away from crap. I would love to lose more weight but I focus on training and fueling my body. I can't work the engine without good food - that's how I try to look at it.  Fuel versus food.

What is your philosophy about weigh loss?
Oh, the volumes I could write.  I still have no answers for this.  But I do know that I do better when I: stay away from alcohol, pizza and processed foods. I recently read Bob Harpers, "The Skinny Rules" - and while I don't love the term "skinny," that book is FULL of great ideas and habit-formers. I also read "Eat to Live" which had some great info. 

What advice would you offer to someone that wants to make a change in his or her physical activity?
Just get up and move forward.  But first - make the Decision that you want to change. This is what my book is about (coming December 2012). Your life is about making the change and the Decision, and little by little, stepping forward and doing it. 

What goals do you have for yourself in the near future?
I have Ironman Augusta 70.3 just in a few weeks. I would like to finish that strong. I had a broken foot in February which derailed some plans, so a strong finish would be the best.
...then I just signed up for Ironman Coeur d'Alene - a FULL 140.6 mile IRONMAN. Holy guacamole. That is to take place June 23, 2013 in Idaho.  That's a HUGE goal. A huge scary goal.

Do you enjoy swimming, biking, or running more?
I actually love to bike the most, I think. Which is ironic considering my terrible years of hitting trashcans. But I do love to run. And swim.  Well, I guess I love it all.

What brand of bike do you ride?
Thanks to a new partnership wih, I have a shiny new triathlon bike:  a Blue Triad EX.  The bike's name is Andy Potts, and he's awesome.  I also have a Specialized Sectuer road bike named Antonia.  She's a beauty too.

Where can we follow you on your journey?
I blog at  I am on Facebook at and Twitter:  @SwimBikeMom.  And don't forget to watch for the book coming out in December - "Triathlon for the Every Woman" - it will be available on Amazon in paperback, Kindle and for Nook.

You Rock "Swim Bike Mom!"

Thanks Meredith for taking the time out of a very busy schedule to inspire the readers of the 210Again blog!

Check here again next week to be inspired by another individual who is doing some amazing bike and health related things.

Pedal Fast!



  1. Fantastic interview! I love her determination. I think I speak for a lot of people when I say that sometimes we just cannot find motivation anywhere.

    And it does make me think a lot about what I'm doing. My diet I guess is fine as I am losing weight but I keep making excuses for not working out because I'm always tired or I don't have the money to join a gym or I need to study or this or that...There is always an excuse! Lots to think about...

    Thank you so much both Don and Meredith for this interview it was truly inspirational!


  2. What an inspiration. I also love the triathlon but have been giving myself excuses for not training. This just reminds me that any worthwhile goal requires some sacrifice and everything else is just an excuse. If we don't go for that goal, it's only because we've chosen something else instead. She is awfully busy and is still training for a full Ironman, WOW. You're so busy and accomplishing this major goal... My excuses sound soooo lame.

    Very motivating.

    I'm glad you asked Meredith what she rides. I know so little about bikes and it's good to get some input. (Sam bought a Jamis bike last year from Doug and he LOVES it.)

    1. Yes, I was in the store with Doug last week and have my eye on a Jamis too. It was less than I thought I'd need to spend, but more than I have at the moment!

  3. I am truly enjoying following your journey and look forward every Saturday to your blog posts. I agree that you have to make time for yourself to work-out no matter what and most of the time that means making some sort of sacrifice. My exercise class starts a few minutes after Adam gets home from work so we have to sacrifice family dinner. But I know that exercising makes me a better mom and that setting the example for my kids to live a healthy lifestyle is extremely important.


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