Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Day 169: Bike Troubles

It's amazing how much I've learned about my bike in the past few days. I went out for a morning ride the other day and noticed that my back wheel was wobbly. I got off my bike and looked at the tire and couldn't see what was going on. I probably shouldn't have kept riding, but I finished my route and then came home. I took a closer look and noticed that there was a bulge in my tire and it was rubbing against the frame of the bike.

So I looked closer and noticed that the tire was bald! I guess after riding almost 1500 miles that tire wears out! Some of the threads were starting to come out of the tire!

So I went and bought a new tire. I put it on and guess what? The tire was still wobbly! Huh? So, I asked a co-worker at work the next day what they thought the problem could be. They said to check and see if a spoke was broke.

Well, all be darned! A spoke was broken. I got on YouTube to see how you change one out. I went down to another bike store and bought a new spoke, nipple and nipple wrench, and tried to fix it myself. Well after loosening a bunch of nuts and having the bearings fall out, and the gears not budging, I now have a wheel that is a pile of unworking parts. I've got to take the pile into the bike shop with a Puss in Boots look on my face and ask if they can fix the mess I created.

So much for trying to be a DIY'er.

This morning, I was feeling the urgency to ride, and ended up jumping on my stationary bike and getting an hour ride in. Gee, I haven't been on that thing for months. It was fun to visit my old friend.

BTW, while I was in the bike shop, I saw some beautiful Specialized Bikes on display. I tried to imagine myself owning one of those. Well, the day will come, but not for a short season.

I need to go get my wheel fixed now, or get my unicycle out and ride that 20 miles every day.

I have had this urge to get out an go for a 50-mile ride. I've never biked that far yet, but I want to do it. This Saturday is already filled, so maybe the following Saturday will be the day. So I will do some good training over the next 10 days, rest the Friday before, and go on the biggie,

Have a great day!


Front tire tread.
Rear tire tread.


  1. I think your awsome don im 5"2 and i just relized for my height ive hit the obiese mark at 172lbs when i should be around 115lbs.. so i give u major props to doing this.. walking to my kids bus stop a mile away is causing me problems.. and im about to start a no carb diet and walking.. to start with.. i cried all day yesterday when i went to the store and realized i could not fit into the pants i wore 2 months ago which was a 13.. so i tried on 14,15,16... after that i left the store and cried home.. i admire u..if u ever need support is my email.. thanks for being a role model don! :)

  2. Thanks for the kind encouragement Jessica. Thanks for following the blog. If you'll follow your plan...and keep on it, you'll get where you need to be. In case you haven't seen my interview with SwimBikeMom, check out that blog post:

    I love her attitude about missing a workout...or not missing them.

    Keep it's one step (no pun intended) at a time!



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