Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Day 176: Cheap Oxygen

I had a nice flat tire-free ride this morning. I needed to put a little air in my tire so I went to the gas station at 3300 South 300 East and the air cost $1. It was also out of order. Bummer. So I rode up the street to 3900 South. The air was 50 cents! So I bought some cheap oxygen. I felt so good that I found air for half price!

When I got home, my wife informed me that air was free down on 2100 South 300 East. As always, I should just ask my wife if I need advice.

I was joking with my wife and telling her that I should put up a website that people can contribute to that shows all the air pumps around town, and how much they cost. Its actually not a bad idea.

I also thought about putting up a website that people contribute to that shows on a map every place that people got a flat tire. The idea is that you may be able to see a trend in certain neighborhoods or areas around town that could be a red flag to bikers. Maybe Maude's garden up the street with the big rose bushes is throwing thorns out in the street. Well, that "Flat Tire World" website could show you the trends.

I should be on course today for getting in 25-30 miles! 15 so far.

Pedal with confidence!


This is me last year before my biking days started. This was considered a major workout.

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  1. Hey Don!!! Well I'm not sure if you know Murphy's law...basically no matter how much you pay for something there will always be a place close to it where it was cheaper!!

    Keep up the good work, keep pedaling!!



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