Saturday, May 12, 2012

Day 74-Weigh-in Day: 340.2lbs

Start Weight: 365.4
Last Week's Weight: 339.8
Current Weight: 340.2
This Week’s Weight Loss: +.4lbs
Total Weight Loss: 25.2
Miles Biked this Week: 19.5
Total Miles Biked: 536.22
Miles to Go: 6963.78

GEOGRAPHY (Where I'd be on the map having started at my house in Salt Lake City, Utah, heading for Tokyo):
Mojave Desert, California on I-15 South

The craziness continues as we still don’t have a kitchen, and we’re literally eating out every night. Our kitchen should be functional this coming Wednesday so we can get back to normal eating again. Not much biking this week as I’ve not had much time. I did go on a bike ride with my daughter today and it was quite pleasant! Biked to work a few times.

I’d like to set a goal to hit 70 miles this coming week. Can I do it? It’s another busy week with a lot going on…but I need to get back on track, focus on my health, and stretch! I gained almost a half pound this week, and one pound last week. It's not bad, but it’s evidence that things will creep up if one doesn’t stay focused. I've got to get that 1.5 pounds off, and if I can get down another 1.5 pounds that will get me going.

So, here's the goal:
Bike 70 miles
Weigh in at 337.2

It’s been easy with limited time for exercise and eating out a lot to just completely let it go. But I’ve tried to stay focused as much as I can. In the past about this time when my eating hasn’t been as strict, I fall off the wagon. This will not happen, but I do need to jump right back in the saddle this week and ensure that the momentum keeps going.

I’ve eaten at Crown Burger, and L&L Barbeque this week. These are two places that should not be on my eating list right now.

Nothing to report here this week.
Electrical in, drywall up, mud on, sanding done, ready to paint!
New cupboards come on Monday!

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