Thursday, May 2, 2013

Day 428: A New Bike!

Yesterday I spent the morning at Highlander Bike getting fitted for my new bike. They happened to have a Jamis Bosanova in stock and in the size I need! So they made some adjustments, and I came and picked it up today! Talk about an absolutely awesome ride. It can't even compare with my old mountain bike! It's such a nice ride that now I can see what cyclists rave about! My mountain bike was a good training bike, giving resistance unintentionally. On this new bike, the only thing that can hold it back is me.

I've almost got 50 miles in this week, and have been tired. I decided to rest today, but this evening when picking it up, I HAD to ride it home! It was sweet. Thank you Doug for getting me into this great bike. My life is about to "shift gears" and take on the next level!


  1. Who is that skinny guy in the picture!? Lol. You are looking awesome Don! CONGRATULATIONS on the new set of wheels!

    1. You made my day Erika! Good to hear from you. I hope you're doing well.


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