Saturday, May 4, 2013

Day 430-Weigh-in Day: 284lbs

Start Weight: 365.4
Last Week’s Weight: 284
Current Weight: 284
This Week’s Weight Loss: 0lbs
Total Weight Loss: 81.4lbs
To Go: 73.6lbs
Miles Biked this Week: 61.8
Total Miles Biked: 2316.63
Miles to Go: 5183.37

GEOGRAPHY (Where I'd be on the map having started at my house in Salt Lake City, Utah, heading for Tokyo):
Pacific Ocean (1596 miles off the west coast. I am heading for the Hawaiian Islands which is 2650 miles from San Diego)

Weekly Bike/Workout Totals
Monday: 21.23 miles (bike)
Tuesday: 10.51 miles (bike)
Wednesday: 5.78 miles (bike)
Thursday: 5.17 miles (bike)
Friday: 13.31 miles (bike)
Saturday: 5.87 miles (bike)

“May the 4th” be with you! I heard that from a 9-year old yesterday…Hahaha!

This has been an exciting week. It’s the first time since the week of January 12th that I got in more than 50 miles. I’m finally ramping things up. I do need to get back to the gym and do my weights and intervals. This week will be a good week to introduce that back into my schedule.

The highlight of the week though was getting fitted for, and purchasing my new bike! I got a new Jamis Bosanova from Highlander Bike here in Salt Lake City. Doug, the owner, helped get me measured up correctly for the bike. I had a camera guy there who caught everything on video so I’ll have to put some stuff up for you to view. Doug did a great job explaining why Jamis is a great brand of bike, and why the Bosanova is perfect for my needs.

I cannot believe how amazingly smooth this bike is. There is no comparison with my mountain bike The mountain bike has been a good trainer over the past year, but now that I’m on this new bike, it really takes you to an entirely new level.

Usually on a MPH sign out in a neighborhood, I’d see me hit 12, maybe 13mph tops, but today on a quick little spin I saw 17mph! What a difference. It shifts so smooth, and purrs along the road. No squeaking on this bike. It has both front and rear disc brakes which make braking nice.

As far as my weigh-in, I think I was on my eating game, plus I got in 50 miles plus, but somehow I stayed the same weight. I think with all the riding getting going again, my body is retaining a little water. Anytime I put myself through some pretty rigorous activity, my body inflames a bit. I kind of feel that. My clothes even feel a tad tight. It will be gone soon.

Anyway, I plan on riding my bike to work every day from now on, and Saturday mornings need to be reserved for long rides.

I’ll be watching airfares this Tuesday morning…there’s a good chance I’ll be purchasing. Gee, with bike in hand and plane tickets, there’s no turning back!

That’s it for today…I’ll keep you on the up and up.

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Happy purring-down the road!


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