Saturday, April 27, 2013

Day 423-Weigh-in Day: 284lbs

Start Weight: 365.4
Last Week’s Weight: 286.6
Current Weight: 284
This Week’s Weight Loss: 2.6lbs
Total Weight Loss: 81.4lbs
To Go: 73.6lbs
Miles Biked this Week: 25.3
Total Miles Biked: 2254.76
Miles to Go: 5245.24

GEOGRAPHY (Where I'd be on the map having started at my house in Salt Lake City, Utah, heading for Tokyo):
Pacific Ocean (1535 miles off the west coast. I am heading for the Hawaiian Islands which is 2650 miles from San Diego)

This Week’s Workout
Monday: 1.08 miles Bike
Tuesday: 10.38 Bike
Wednesday: 13.88 Bike
Thursday: 4 miles walked
Friday: 5 miles walked
Saturday: 0

Lots to share…

I got my cast off on Monday! Check out my blog for more details and pix from last Monday. I couldn’t wait to get on my bike. I actually rode for a few days getting in about 25 miles, but towards the end of the second day, I could tell that my wrist did not like the ride. Even after getting the cast off, my wrist was swollen, but biking didn’t help it. It was barking at me like a Chihuahua. I felt that I need to give it a few days to rest. So I will see how it feels come Monday.

I will be going to Highlander Bike this coming week to order my new Jamis Bosanova! Let me just take a moment and thank Jamis right now…they know why. I’ll be featuring them in my film! I’m excited to enter a new dimension of cycling with a road bike. I’ll have my camera guy there to capture the fun when I go order, and get fit for the bike.

Also, my wife ordered some cycling clothes, but of course, they were all too small. Gee those cyclists are skinny. We’ve never bought cycling clothing before so I haven’t a clue what my size is. We’ll be actually going to the store to try stuff on this time.

Each day I monitor the airfares to Japan, and they are going up! This just really irks me! I’ve been following the airfare history app on KAYAK, and it says prices should go down in the next 7 days. We’ll see. Anyone out there want to share some of their Skymiles with me? J I remember 25 years ago, I could find fares for $500. Those were the good ole days, huh? Right now their getting close to 3x’s that!!

I found a company called Rome Bike Bags. They make bike covers, and travel bags for bicycles and motorcycles. I want to make sure that my bike arrives in one piece when we fly, and their travel bag will provide some nice padding. With bike inside, you can carry the bag over your shoulder. So when transporting our luggage from the airport to my family’s house via the train, I can carry it with me onto the train.

I’ve got a friend that is a big fitness guru/coach up in Park City, Utah. I have struck up a conversation with him about how I can have the best chance at achieving my goal of losing 75 more pounds in 4 months. He was heading out of town this weekend, but when he returns I want to sit down and pick his brain, and have him give me some pointers. I’d actually like him to do this while being filmed for the documentary.

I also, need to head over to Big Cottonwood Canyon, and do a test attempt up the canyon on film. Really, what it’s coming down to is, “what’s going to happen in the next 4 months?!” The first 12 months I feel like I got a good groove going, but learned some things I wish I had known before I started. Now, it’s putting it all to work with massive momentum to push to the finish line. I think the last 4 months of this experience is when all the fun really begins! I have a lot to push through.

In all of my initial videos I put out, and on my website, I had June 1st, 2013 as my deadline for hitting 210lbs, with the ride to Fuji in August. I have decided to simply have the ride day, August 26, 2013 be the deadline. Did I move my target? A little. But the ride to Fuji has always been the pinnacle and inspiration for my goal. So it feels right.

In closing, I wanted to share with you what my weight loss graph looks like. It’s pretty apparent when I finally honed in on my diet after my plateau!

May this coming week be one in which you do something good for your health…that you’ve never done before. Let me know what you end up doing.


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