Friday, May 17, 2013

Day 443-A Little Set Back


You're probably wondering where I've been over the past couple of weeks. Well last week, my body not only needed a "free day" but a "free week!"

I was up until 1 and 2am a few times cause I was working hard to get a project at work done. My eating a sleeping was a bit chaotic.

Again, this time of year at work is another challenge for me. I didn't go crazy with eating, I just had to eat outside of my regular trough of food. To be honest, I didn't feel any guilt, although I knew I'd pay for it with a 2 week set back. It usually takes 2 weeks for my body to catch back up where it was.

This week has been a good one, and I'm eating and riding in the groove. I loooove my bike! This morning I did some hills that I remember last year practically gave me a heart attack, but with a lot less weight, and the right bike, I got up the hills a lot easier! It wasn't easy, but there is a big difference.

I'm almost to 40 miles this week, and still have a little time to beat my last weigh-in's mileage.

One little note, I am not doing a free day this week. I am testing my body to see how it does with free days every two weeks. And then, I may simply just do a free meal each week. We'll see.

Have a safe ride today!


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