Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Day 343: Humming Along

This week is off to a good start again. I got to the gym first thing in the morning on Monday, and I got there again today! I've almost got 20 miles in between the 2 days.

I have learned that getting "out there" at the very beginning is an important part of consistency. If you can't get there on "Day One", how will you on day two and three?

Tomorrow I've got to be to work early. My options are to go to the gym early, or go later in the day. Realistically, I've got a busy evening tomorrow too. What is my plan?

I will decide right now to get up and be out the door by 6am, get to the gym at 6:15am, workout until 7:15, and be home and ready to be out the door by 8am. That is my plan.

I really want to get 5 solid days of workouts in this week to see what my results will be. I worked hard last week...and I'd be curious to see what happens after another week of hard work.

Anyway, anyone know any secrets on how to get a bike company to "sponsor" me a bike in exchange for a hardy mention in my documentary...and website? I sent an email to Jamis Bicycles explaining my endeavors and never got a response back. Last year I sent a letter to Specialized too to see if they were interested. I even contacted some local dealers...but no response.

I don't expect a freebrie, and I guess I'm not really an athlete per se. The bike company's want to associate their names with athletes...what about people that are losing weight and have a good story?

I think I'm going to call Jamis personally, and see where I get on the phone with them. Hey, it doesn't hurt to ask.

Also, I wanted to get some sponsorships to help pay for the trip to Japan and the cost of production on the film. Anyone have any suggestions as to who might be willing to shell out a little cash for a little immediate, and a lot of future exposure through the 210Again brand?

Would Carl's Jr., or Jumba Juice be better a sponsor?

Actually, there is an awesome hamburger joint in Japan that makes somewhat "healthy" burgers. They are more than yummy. They're called "Mos Burger." Maybe I need to be looking for a sponsor in Japan.

Ideas anyone?

Have a satisfying day!

Everyone on earth should try a Mos Burger!

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