Thursday, August 1, 2013

The Count Down---T-Minus 26 Days (Day 518)

26 Days until the ride to Fuji!

This week has been off to a good start. Last night I weighed in at 28lbs. even though it doesn't officially count unless it's a Saturday weigh-in. I got to the gym on Monday, I've been riding my bike to and from work each day. Today however,  I decided to go take on some hills. Originally I thought I'd ride straight east up 8th South starting at 2nd West and go ride Emigration Canyon. It was 5:30pm, 97 degrees outside, with long pants on that I'm thinking about doing this. I knew that I'd have to climb the "Monster Hill" that I've tried to climb before, but have failed. (See blog post from last year)

Well, I got up on my pedals and gave it all I could at the Monster Hill and actually got up the hill! I was so slammed, and huffin' and puffin' after that short stint. Then it flattens out for a little, and you then take on another few hills. In about 3 miles I climbed about 650 feet. By the time I got to the mouth of the canyon I pulled over and had to contemplate whether to go up the canyon or not. It would take a couple of hours and by the time I got home it would be about 8:30pm. With sweat pourin' off my head onto the ground, I decided to head back home gliding 5 miles downhill and get some of my freelance work done.

I couldn't believe how exhausted I was after that short ride. I don't know if it was the heat, if it was my clothes, or what, but for the first time I started to wonder if I am actually going to be able to make it up Fuji? It's one thing to climb a hill, flatten out and ride, then climb another hill, but to be on a constant ascent for 2 hours straight? Is it possible?

I started beating myself up for all the time I haven't been riding when I should have, or all the time last year that I basically just spun my wheels not losing any weight because I hadn't learned about the effects of sugar on my diet. If I had another 6 months to get ready and lose this weight, I think I could make this climb...but I am like 70 pounds heavier than I want to be for this climb!

So I've kind of painted myself into a corner here, and get to ride no matter's the game I put myself up to. I've shelled out all this money for hotels, tickets to Japan, etc. Will it all be for naught?

I came home from today's ride, tired, wound up, terribly hungry and thirsty, and at this moment, I have a little headache. I may have pushed myself a little too hard in the heat.

I'm not sure what makes me think I can do this Fuji ride. Well, all I can do now is keep training by riding the hills.

I will be leaving at 3am on Saturday morning to bike to Alpine, meet my brother, and then hike up the North East corner mountain to Box Elder Peak. The summit sits at 11101 feet (3384 m) Alpine is at 4900 feet, so we'll be going up 6000 feet. This mountain was literally the backdrop of where I grew up in Alpine. Believe is or not, I have never climbed that mountain. Here it is 49 years into life, and I'm just barely getting around to doing this? Should be an adventure. I will be taking my video camera along with me to record the days events. It's going to be a hot day, so I will need to take a lot of water, food, sunscreen, a hat, and some walking sticks.

I should arrive in Alpine about 7am, and then we'll get going. It's a good day long hike up and down, so I'm sure I will be tired when I get done.

Why the crap am I doing this stuff?

Talk to you soon.


Box Elder Peak in Alpine, Utah

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