Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Day 540-Arrived in Japan on Tuesday---Techno blackout


We arrived in Japan on Tuesday afternoon at 3pm. We flew on Boeing`s new Dreamliner and I can see why they call it that! Nice smooth ride, more legroom, auto tint windows, fade up and down cabin lighting, etc., etc. It was a pretty cool and comfortable ride over the Pacific!

We were picked up by my inlaws, whisked off to eat a quick pasta lunch and then rode the train to Matsudo. My bike, I am happy to say, arrived in one piece although it is multiple pieces. I`m taking the bike to a "Jitenshaya-san" to have the handle bars and a few other items put together. Some of the local bike shops here have been closed for their weekly closure, or for Obon. So today, we will hopefully find someone open.

I`d try putting it together, but I`m not that experienced and don`t want to risk any problems on the upcoming ride because of faulty know how.

We`ve been here for 2 days and I have discovered that since we chose not to use cell service while we were here due to the great expense, that I am feeling very disconnected from the world. I brought my laptaop and can`t get it to connect on my father-in-law`s DSL service. I was planning on using Wifi while here, but they don`t have it. So our family`s ipad, laptop, ipod, and 2 iPhone can`t connect us to the outside world...HELP! This has been a lesson to me on how connected to the cloud we all are. I`m actually typing this on my father-in-law`s laptop which is Windows and somewhat in Japanese. I can`t upload any pictures or video for the time being. However, yesterday I ordered a Wifi receiver that should arrive today that will allow me to take the receiver where ever I go in Japan and have wifi connection. I can then Skype phone calls, check email, browse the web, etc. so I will finally feel like I can connect to the rest of the world.

Anyway, we`re here! Last time I was here, I couldn`t have imagined sleeping on the floor on a futon, but being about 90lbs lighter, I am not only sleeping on the floor, but doing it comfortably. I`m bikurishta! (surprised)

Well it`s 6:30am, been up for an hour, and getting over jetlag. It rained a little yesterday and is very overcast. Hoping that the weather will not be too hot.

Anyway, that`s it for now. Hopefully I can get some pictures and video up by tomorrow.

Yoroshiku onegaishimasu!

Don-chan yori


  1. How exciting! I am glad you will be able to make updates :)

  2. Safe travels and have a safe ride. Looking forward to hearing your updates, when you can. Kudos on being able to sleep on the floor more comfortably.


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