Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Motivation Tuesday: Don't Put It Off!

We're on the run this morning, so today's Motivation Tuesday will be a personal challenge...

What ever you are wanting to put off today, be it a ride, walk, swim, or a show of love to someone, don't put it off!

Go engage yourself in that activity whether you think you have time or not. Your body, and/or somebody needs you today. Go be selfish and show some self love, and go be selfless, and go serve someone!

I will be doing that today with you!

Pedal with a smile!



  1. What an awesome blog you have. I am glad I found it. Thanks for the motivation, and yes I did get out today for a run!

    1. Good for you! Thanks for joining. Having you and others "watching" helps me keep my nose clean. Keep up the running/ Are you a biker too?


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