Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Day 238: Motivation Tuesday-Weather You Will or Weather You Won't...

One more week of me sharing quotes and then next week we'll get back to the individual features...

The weather is getting cold out there where every you are (in North America) and as it gets cold, I notice that for me, there is a great opportunity to avoid working out. When it's cold, wet and miserable, it's harder, and sometimes impractical to be outside exercising.

Let's decide at this very moment that we're going to take advantage of what's left of the fall and the upcoming winter, to push even harder. We can still workout indoors and push a little more. I don't know if there is any scientific proof of this, but I notice that my eating and movement changes through the winter, and as a result that "winter coat" appears. It may even naturally appear as the body tries to insulate itself from the cold. We may need to work just a little harder to move through the coat.

So the question is, "Weather You Will or Weather You Won't!"

It's getting cold out there...but it's warm in here.

Keep moving like a Mayflower Truck! ;)


Weather You Will or Weather You won't

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