Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Day 231: Motivation Tuesday-Stairs

Good Morning!

Today is Motivation Tuesday. I hope you are making progress toward your health and weight loss goals. I officially bought my gym membership and am anxious to get going! It was raining Friday when I went to bike home from work. My wife picked me up and I left my bike at work. So yesterday, for fun, I walked to work! I thought because I was biking that it wouldn't phase me. Well, I felt muscles I hadn't felt in w while. So, there's a whole other "muscle" world out there waiting to be discovered.

I have some more interviews of fascinating people who have made some big changes in their lives coming up. Look for a great one next Tuesday.

Today though, I am going to leave you with a simple quote and thought...

“Success is a staircase, not a doorway.” ~Dottie Walters

When I read that, it made me think about my place of employment. I ride to work every day and work on the fourth floor of my building. Once I get to work, I feel that I have done my workout and now I can put it in auto-pilot the rest of the day. I don't take the stairs, I just conveniently press the elevator button and ride up.

Today, that is changing! No longer will I take the elevator. It is all stairs now.

Again, remember the quote above..."Success is a staircase, not a doorway." Be making efforts every day that will take you a little closer to your goals. Think of something little you could change today that will make a huge difference over time.

I'll bet taking the stairs multiple times a day will add a couple of pounds of lost fat over the next 12 months!

Have a great day doing your thing!


Not the staircase at my work!

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