Saturday, November 17, 2012

Day 263-Weigh-in Day: 314.8lbs "FINALLY 50 POUNDS LOST!"

Start Weight: 365.4
Last Week's Weight: 320.4
Current Weight: 314.8
This Week’s Weight Loss: 5.6lbs
Total Weight Loss: 50.6lbs
Miles Biked this Week: 13.2
Total Miles Biked: 1948.1
Miles to Go: 5551.9

GEOGRAPHY (Where I'd be on the map having started at my house in Salt Lake City, Utah, heading for Tokyo):
Pacific Ocean (1238 miles off the west coast. I am heading for the Hawaiian Islands)

The Weeks Workout
Monday: GYM
Tuesday: GYM + 8.26 miles
Wednesday: GYM
Thursday: GYM + 5 miles
Friday: Rest
Saturday: GYM

FINALLY! I hit the “50 pounds lost” mark!!!

This has been one of the best weeks I’ve had this year! I was very consistent going to the gym this week! I haven’t quite gotten to that feeling deep inside where I just throw everything into my workout. I’d say I’m about 67% there. I still have a lot inside to give. I’ve been doing treadmill, Elliptical, stationary bike, and resistance training every day. I get a good sweat going, but need to still up it a little. I am excited about the weight loss because I know I have earned it. I made some discoveries that you can read about down below at EATING. I got up a few times at 4:30am this week, and also went late at night. I’m just getting the workout in when ever I can fit it in. I have committed to do it, and when I see progress, it makes it all the easier to keep going. This coming week is the beginning of the diet killers…Thanksgiving. I think it will be okay to enjoy the day, but I think I’ll be staying away from anything fattening, like dessert, and watching my portions. I am committing now to make this week another week of losing at least 2lbs…not gaining or maintaining.

I learned that getting back to the basics…watching calorie intake or portion size, putting in consistent workouts, and drinking a lot of water is always a good idea to constantly assess.

I have discovered that I have been overeating still. Not overeating, but mis-calculating the amount that I am eating. I had been eating dry cereal quite a bit before, but I have practically eliminated it. I’ve also started eating 5-6, 300-400 calorie meals each day. It’s taken about a week for my body to get used to it, but I think it keeps my metabolism humming along and I usually feel very satisfied, despite not eating a lot in these smaller meals. Some of my meals may be:

Breakfast-2 egg whites, soy milk, 3 slices of turkey, apple
Snack-Clif Bar
Lunch-Homemade chicken soup with veggies
Snack-Oatmeal and soy milk
Dinner-Tuna fish sandwich, fruit
Snack-Greek lite yogurt, whole wheat ritz crackers

Each meal doesn’t sound like much, but it’s enough to last about 3 hours. Then I eat again. I’ll keep doing this and see how it goes. It takes a little more planning, but this week it worked well.

Nothing to report here.


As an end note, this coming week is the week we focus more than usual on counting our blessings. There is so much I am thankful for. My wife, my daughter, my family and friends. A warm home with food, and a car that runs (most of the time ;) Peace, a job, hobbies, music, and opportunity!

I think this is also a great time to be thankful for health. I am probably at least 50 pounds lighter this year than I was last. It’s exciting to be moving in the right direction.

May you and all yours have a truly wonderful Thanksgiving this week. Give someone a hug that you haven’t hugged in years. Thank your mom and dad for putting up with you, and pass on that pumpkin pie! (Or at least, enjoy a sliver)

Gobble Gobble!


Ate a Vermicelli Salad for lunch this week

Cold and early...too things that I don't like!

My bike is having a spoke fixed AGAIN. Poor bike is looking neglected right now.


  1. CONGRATULATIONS on losing 50 lbs! That is definitely an accomplishment! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving! I bought a bike during black Friday. Actually rode it to work this morning. It is only about 2 miles but I know I wouldn't have been able to do it 80 extra pounds ago! My daughters thought it was the neatest thing to have mom ride a bike! Have an awesome day Don!

    1. Way to go Erika! I'm proud of you!! I am going to pick up my newly re-spoked bike tire today and go for a ride myself. It's been a while!

      Keep up the good work.



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