Saturday, November 3, 2012

Day 249-Weigh-in Day: 318.4lbs

Start Weight: 365.4
Last Week's Weight: 318.4
Current Weight: 318.4
This Week’s Weight Loss: 0lbs
Total Weight Loss: 47lbs
Miles Biked this Week: 9.7
Total Miles Biked: 1929.1
Miles to Go: 5570.90

GEOGRAPHY (Where I'd be on the map having started at my house in Salt Lake City, Utah, heading for Tokyo):
Pacific Ocean (1220 miles off the west coast. I am heading for the Hawaiian Islands)

The Weeks Workout
Monday: GYM
Tuesday: 9.7 + GYM
Wednesday: GYM
Thursday: GYM
Friday: GYM
Saturday: Rest

Well, my bike riding has shifted. It’s shifted in a good direction. I’m now the proud owner of a gym membership and I got 5 days of cardio and resistance training in this week. I started out a little slow, so I could get to learn how all the machines work, but have started to make some great progress. Unfortunately you don’t see  many bike miles this week, and since I am only keeping track of the miles biked, the results don’t look very impressive. However, I am up to 30 minutes of cardio on the Elliptical and treadmill, and 30 minutes of weight training, every day!

I went last night with a friend of mine who stayed on the Elliptical for 60 minutes! Gee…I can only do it for 15 minutes right now. I have felt really good though, and not as wornout as I did when I’ve been riding my bike 15-20 miles a day. The next 3-4 months will be an excellent change for me. So let me set a goal right now that on March 1, a year after I started this challenge, I will weigh in at least 32lbs lighter than today! On March 1st, 2013, I will weigh at least 286.4lbs. lighter.

So the plan for now is to ride my bike to work every day as the weather permits. Once I get my gym workout humming along, I will incorporate the stationary bike at the gym into my daily workout too. I can then continue adding my miles every week. With about 2000 miles under my belt, I have 5500 more miles to go! We’re just getting going!

On kind of a realistic note, I sat down and looked at my progress over the last 8 months. The first 3 months I lost 33lbs, at an average of 11lbs a month! Then over the last 5 months I’ve lost only14lbs, for an average of 2.8lbs a month. I have wasted a lot of time thinking that I’d get past this plateau. This plateau started about mid July and has gone through August, September and October. I think I blew 3 months! Not that there hasn’t been improvement in my health, but as far as getting to my goal, I’ve been stagnant. I should have changed my course a lot sooner!! According to my calculations, in order to hit the 210lbs mark on June 1st 2013, I need to be losing 16lbs a month. Gee. That means I need to burn 2800 calories a day! That’s working out 20 times a month. Hmmmm. I’ve got to break this all down and be thinking how I’m going to do this. Do I need to be going to the gym 2 times a day? I’ve got to figure this out, cause I don’t want to over-do things. Given the goal I set above for March, I should easily be able to achieve it assuming I workout this hard. So do I work out this hard and hit my goal, or do I accept the fact that I will not hit my goal? Oh, the drama…

While at the gym this week, I discovered that I can’t even do one pushup but that I can at least hold myself up in pushup position! Ha ha ;) My muscles have been pretty sore this week. There are parts of my body that have not felt muscles being worked out for over a dozen years! I am weak! But, this is all part of the journey.

You noticed, or maybe you didn’t, I didn’t do a weigh-in last Saturday. I was too embarrassed by my actions the entire week. I over-ate, I ate stuff I usually don’t, and didn’t do any bike riding. It was a “fail” week. Again, I was too humiliated to weigh-in and post. During last week I stepped on the scale a few times and saw where I was going. I was not heading to a good place. Oh well, this week I not only got back on track, but have had an excellent week of recommitment.

I was a saint with my eating this week. I stayed in my calorie range of 2200 calories each day. I started keeping track of what has gone into my mouth this week. Something I haven’t done in a few months.

Nothing to report here this week.

Have a great week pedaling, swimming, running, lifting, pumping, jogging, or what ever you do!


Gee! Look at the bags under those eyes! Corn Row Hair.


  1. Hey Don!! Looking good my friend!

    Congrats on planning your loss. I'm 100% behind you if you ever need some cheering!! I had an embarrassing week last week too but I got up back on my feet and I'm ready to keep working on my health!

    Have a good week ;)


    1. Hi Emilio. Good Luck with your endeavors! Thanks for your continued support!



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