Monday, September 17, 2012

Day 203: Motivation Tuesday: Meet these Champions!

This will be a slightly unusual break from the normal entry on motivation today. Every Tuesday I feature an interview with some great cyclists that are doing some great things. However, today I wanted to share an experience that I’m having right now in Washington DC that has nothing to do with cycling, but is probably one of the best shot’s in the arm one could ever have. It’s truly inspiring and motivating!

I, along with many of the staff of Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, are traveling with 50+ child-ambassadors who represent all 50 states and the District of Columbia. They are ambassadors of all children’s hospitals across the United States. Every year, our partners such as Delta, Marriott, Chico’s FAS, and ACE Hardware, sponsor this trip that takes the Champions to meet their congressional leaders in Washington DC, visit national monuments and tour the White House. They then fly down to Orlando, Florida and spend three days in Disney World.

We call these kids Champions because they have overcome, or are dealing with life-threatening challenges such as cancer, blood diseases, traumatic accidents, and many other health-related issues. These kids and their families are fighters and truly represent the spirit of courage and overcoming adversity.

They don’t choose to jump into the endurance race, or the competition they find themselves in. Life throws a curve ball at them and they get to figure out how they are going to deal with it. Each of these precious children has an amazing story and I invite you to go read some of those stories HERE. Then look at what you might be dealing with on your journey to transformation, and ask yourself, “Do I have anything to whine about?”

Motivation Tuesday is pleased to introduce you to the 2012 Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals Champions…

While we are in Orlando, we honor these Champions on a huge stage by awarding them a Champions Medal. A crowd of thousands, stand and applaud them for their courage and example to all of us.

You have a Children’s Miracle Network Hospital near you, and most people don’t realize that these hospitals are charities. They need your help. And just as you are working to better your life, don’t forget about these homes of healing that take care of our children. No matter who they are, and no matter their family’s ability to afford the care, these hospitals take care of them. Just as you are taking one step, one swim stroke, or one bike pedal at a time to better your world, you can do something for a kid in need, with one small donation to make his or her world better.

The following video was a piece I produced for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals earlier this year. It played in 50 markets across the country this past spring in various telethons. It features last year’s Champions. Dr. Phil hosted the piece, and you’ll see other celebrities like David Archuleta and Meredith Vieira appear in the show. But you’ll soon find that the true Celebs in this video are the kids.

A couple of our past Motivation Tuesday cyclists John Lauck and Mark Thalman are part of the Children’s Miracle Network Family.  I share that with you so you can see that beyond their lives of cycling, they are passionate about helping sick children get better!

If you feel inclined after watching the following video, make a donation to your local

You can also keep an eye out for our paper balloons that are sold in Rite Aid, Costco IHOP, Walmart, Sam’s Club, etc.

When you buy one, that money stays in your local community to help sick children!

Are you motivated?


  1. Hi Don! That's amazing! You know it is true how sometimes I complain about silly things or get sad or pissed because I don't have something I don't even need and then this kids go though what they go though at such an early age.

    Hope you are having a good week!


    1. Yup, perspective is everything!

      Thanks Emilio.


  2. Am I motivated? Heck yeah! What an amazing experience!!! I am loving "Inspirational Tuesday". I can't wait for next week :)


    P.S. Got the framework for my website done this week, I would like to know if I could have permission to use the before and after photos of you in your suit? I will be sure to cite you as the source :)

    1. Please help yourself. But, the" after" picture is really the "1/3 the way there" picture! ;)

  3. LOL! You are too much!!! What really matters is that someone can see the difference. I should know, because I recently posted a picture of myself on Facebook and my Grandma asked my sister-in-law if I was losing weight. :)


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