Thursday, April 30, 2015

April 1, 2015: Part 2-Life Style Change and Getting to 210 Again!'s been a long time since I've written in my blog, and I wanted to let you in on what's going on.

I started "Part 2: Lifestyle Change" on April 1, 2015, yes April Fool's Day...a day that I will never forget. Since I biked to Mount Fuji about 20 months ago, I think I let out a well-deserved sigh, and went back to what I used to do...over-eat, and not exercise. As I ate something I knew I shouldn't, or skipped a day of riding my bike or doing some sort of activity, I would tell myself, "Tomorrow, I will get back on the band wagon." But tomorrow never came, and believe it or not, On April 1, 2015, I weighed in at 367.8lbs! Back on February 29, 2012, when I started my Journey to Fuji, I was 365.4lbs. So a month ago, I weighed more than I did when I started this whole adventure. I lost 95lbs before going to Fuji, and then after Fuji, put on 97lbs over 20 months!

As these 20 months have passed by, it has become more and more evident, that all the alments I used to deal with have returned. I'm more lazy, have very low energy, aches and pains from being so large, etc.

So what made me want to get going again? Why now? Why even try again? Well, there's been a lot of things going through my head over the past 20 months. A lot of self-talk. Voices in my head literally talking every few minutes of the day saying things like, "When am I going to start again? I sure feel crappy right now. My feet hurt! I can't sit on my drum throne without it killing butt! My tail bone hurts. Gee I'm tired! I sure miss my bike! I can't believe I peddled 85 miles to Mount Fuji! I would sure like to bike up that canyon over there! I wish these clothes would fit! What, my belt is too tight to wear anymore! I shouldn't be eating this Carls Jr. Burger! Etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc., etc.

I guess my real self, the one I discovered through my Journey to Fuji, has been crying inside for a long time. And there has been other talk outside of myself from my wife, daughter, family, friends, etc., encouraging me to get going again.

So, I got going again...and the inner crying has stopped...and it feels good.

I started back up again on April 1st. But it's different this time. You'll see back in the last handful of blog posts, that I had "tried starting" again. But this time something has changed. There is power in having been down a road before.

From this point, I'd like to refer to my Journey to Fuji as "Part 1". And this next phase is now "Part 2".

In the past 30 days since I started Part 2, here is what I have discovered:

1) I am stronger mentally. I know you're thinking, "How can you be stronger if you put all your weight back on...and then some?" It's hard to explain. In Part 1, I worked harder than I had ever worked in my life to achieve a physical goal. Then I went on vacation, and feel like I just got back. Over this past month, as I've been eating clean and riding, I've discovered that I already know what to do. I already know that the pain that comes from riding the bike, is something that I have felt hundreds of times. It's nothing new. And so as I've gasped for air as I've peddled along, and felt the burning in my legs, and the exhaustion after the ride, I know I can handle this...I've done it all before. It's like a familiar friends has come back into my life. In Part 1, I was learning to deal with it, in Part 2, I already know what to expect, and it's almost as if I am continuing where I left off. I have been riding my bike with as much gusto as I did when I was 50lbs lighter. It's not easy, but I just do it...cause I know I can.

2) I choose not to eat all the crap out there. In fact, I have learned in the past 30 days some things that I never quite learned during Part 1. During Part 1, I tried and experimented a lot with different things. I tried eating Paleo. I tried the beans, meat and veggie menu. I tried doing a free day every week, etc., etc. But over the past month, I am doing something that is given me piece of mind, is satisfying me, and allowing the pounds to drop off! I have not had any free days, and have simply made choices that are leading me to where I want to go.

3) All the negative self-talk in my head has stopped. There are no more "wishing I was doing this, or wishing I was not eating that!" My conscience has finally taken over. I am in sync with what I should be doing, so I don't need to battle the "health angel" sitting on my shoulder. I just gave in.

4) I am asking God to assist me. I have always felt he has helped me, but I am consciously praying ash asking for strength. I have seen the power that comes from on high to heal and help...and why wouldn't Heavenly Father help me achieve this righteous desire? My grandfather told me that when he decided to give up smoking, he asked God to take the desire away...and He did! I believe that for me to finally make a lifestyle change that will stick, God has to be my partner.

I want to share the results of the past 30 days with you, but am going to wait to do that in my "results" post on Friday, May 1st. I will share more in detail what I am eating, and what I am doing for exercise. Also, I will give you the hard numbers about what my scale is saying, how I am feeling, and  what my goals are.

I am going to do things different in "Part 2: Life Style Change and Getting to 210 Again". I think I spent a lot of time focused on blogging, videotaping, and Sharing my journey. In a way, putting my life out there for anyone to read has been a good thing. It helped me stay accountable. I knew that I needed to report to my audience every week. Also, I knew I had to get to the top of Mount Fuji, and training was very important...and I had a deadline! However, the only entity that I am doing Part 2 for Part 2 blogging might look little different than Part. I will not be posting every week, I am going to post on the first day of every month. Also, When I began Part 1, I estimated badly, that Tokyo Japan was 7500 miles away. I set a goal to ride that distance on a bike or stationary bike. I made it 3114 miles. But did you know that Tokyo is actually only 5472 miles from Salt Lake City. So I actually biked over half way. I feel that I still need to hit that goal...and others.

I was almost not going to keep blogging, but as I've read through my past blog entries, it really has been encouraging to me. And who knows...maybe it will be encouraging for you...or someone that might come across this blog. I have noticed that there have been over 20,000 views of my blog over the past 3 years. Not much, but it represents something. I have been inspired by many blogs out there that have motivated me. And if the 210Again blog can have even a little positive influence on someone, I think it's worth it. so I will keep blogging. Again, I need to finish the goals of biking 5472 miles, and getting to 210lbs again!

Look for a post this Friday.