Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Time to get going again!

Well, I jumped on my bike a few days ago, the first time since I got off of it on Mount Fuji 2 months ago. I only pedaled 5 miles, but it felt like 20. Its amazing how flabby and out of it one can get in just 60 days. I have been eating what ever I want, and have had no portion control.

I think there is a wall before me that I can't seem to quite climb over at the moment. I keep reaching for the top of it to get a handle on it, but it's just out of reach...dang!

So I guess I am putting my voice out there that I need a little kick in the butt. Anyone want to give me that nudge that I need? I'm usually pretty self motivated once I am humming along down the road and have made progress, but I feel like an old model-T right now that needs someone to help wind me back up and get me going again.


I'm probably 20-30lbs heavier than 2 months ago.