Saturday, January 18, 2014

Day 688-Weigh-in Day: 321.4lbs

Start Weight: 365.4lbs
Last Week’s Weigh-in: 325.6lbs
Current Weight: 321.4lbs
This Week’s Weight Loss: 4.2lbs
Total Weight Loss: 44lbs
To Go: 111.4lbs
Miles Biked over the past week: 17

Total Miles Biked: 3059.62
Miles to Go: 4440.38

GEOGRAPHY (Where I'd be on the map having started at my house in Salt Lake City, Utah, heading for Tokyo):
Pacific Ocean (2220 miles off the west coast. I am heading for the Hawaiian Islands which is 2650 miles from San Diego)

Weekly Bike/Workout Totals
Monday: 3 miles
Tuesday: 4 miles
Wednesday: 0
Thursday: 5 miles
Friday: 5 miles
Saturday: 0


Wow, I’ve got the momentum going again! This entire week would be classified as very successful. I ate pretty much on the money (a small slip up on Wednesday evening) and stuck to my protein, veggies and bean regimen. I drank lots of water, and almost got in 5 Indoor bike trainer rides…I got in 4 rides. I was going to just get in 15-minute rides, but did 30 minutes the last couple of days.

I won’t say things have been easy this week, but I will say that having been through this before, it seems easier to jump back in and just do it!

This week, I am going to continue down the path I’m on, only I will get in 5, 30-minute rides! These are small steps, but they are leading in the direction I want to go. I told my wife that I’ve been feeling like I’m making a deposit in my physical body’s bank account. It feels good---like I’m investing in myself again!

It’s been 40 degrees each day this week, almost bike-riding weather. It’s one of the warmest Januarys I remember. I’m hoping that Spring will come sooner than later and that we can jump back on the bike and get some miles in.

I am not shooting for 210 right now. My focus is nailing 299.9 so I can get out of the 300 Club. I am now 21.5lbs away from that!

Not too much to report this week, but at least I had good news for you!

I am so excited that today is my free day!

Have an exciting week. Make it count!


Fed some cute birds recently at the local aviary. That's the most recent picture I have of myself :)


  1. Don--what an incredible journey. My son, Brady, shared a link to your blog over a year and a half ago, but today was the first time I visited. Wow. I am humbled and inspired by your courage and determination. Thank you for sharing your story with such honesty and thank you for your wisdom in knowing that backward slides are going to be part of the journey and we just get up, dust off, and press forward again. Congratulations on this amazing accomplishment and for being the kind of man who would be willing to imagine such an adventure! --Laura Leavitt

  2. Thanks for dropping aline Laura. I am gearing up for phase 2 of my challenge. There is a lot of work to do still...actually work to do for the rest of my life. I'd love to have you continue to read and follow.



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